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VC-A Projects owned by VC-A Partners and Members on the 23rd of January 2018:



  • Project Owner: Christophe Schwoertzig
  • Initial Investment: €5 Million
  • Targeted Size: €25 Million



Project Overview

Value Creation - Alternative is raising a first tranche of €25m to setup a Direct Lending Fund "VC-A DLF" to lend to Spanish companies in special situations

Investments into DLF will be guaranteed by a US holding company with +$1.2B of assets under management

DLF investors will receive an above-the-market fixed income for acquiring a semi-annual coupon bond with a maturity in 3 years

DLF will lend to companies in the cusp of major growth, but where their debt ratios do not allow for additional working capital without equity. Investment strategy and criteria shall be similar to those applied for credit enhancement.

For more information, please contact Christophe Schwoertzig.



  • Project Owner: Fernando Sopot
  • Non-Profit Corporation



Project Overview

The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP), a Non-Profit Corporation, and an international trade organization, is principally focus in promoting trade and investments worldwide.

It has created a pilot project in the City of Paterson, New Jersey, where an economic model is designed to promote trade and investments in the city and the whole of Passaic County. CTIP is duplicating this initiative to other places in the States, Africa and Europe.

Current focus is on Tanzania and then Spain where VC-A is helping to develop relationships with the government.

For more information, please check CTIP web site here or contact Christophe Schwoertzig.



  • Project Owner: Edouard Brauer
  • Initial Investment sought: €5 million
  • Total Investment sought: Up to €100M



Project Overview

IRDNA, French acronym for Research and Development Institute of Applied Neurosciences, is an independent non-profit think-tank organisation.

IRDNA's mission is to find supplementary or alternative ways of training and educating children not suited to the standard educational system. Those children, typically suffering from attention disorders, dysorthography, dyscalculia, hyperactivity, dyslexia, autism as well as those over gifted, too often struggle and suffer along a path designed for the majority.

The IRDNA scientists and researchers' goal is to awaken the exceptionality in each one through the use of innovative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, big data and gamification; to develop the potentials that every child, every human being has got inside. Operations have already been started in France, Romania, Brazil, the Ivory Coast, Senegal and Spain.

IRDNA is now looking to expand its network worldwide; not only to address local educational needs, but also to contract the best experts in pedagogy and neuroscience to accelerate the finding of innovative solutions. VC-A has decided to contribute to IRDNA humanist mission and hopes that our VC-A Members will be willing to assist and contribute to IRDNA's mission.

What is required: outstanding challenges, regional non-profit organisations dedicated to education, regional neuroscientists and experts in pedagogy, regional, national or international subventions, any form of local support to cover working capital requirements and the acquisition or renting of fixed assets such as hardware, software and offices. 

You can check IRDNA website our contact us here.



  • Project Owner: Jason Leone
  • Investment sought: $500k-$750k as a revolving line of credit






Project Overview

We have several opportunities in the US to take advantage of a highly de-valued real estate market and make some very positive returns. Below are two examples of some real estate deals we could possibly move forward on:

Single Family houses: we have several direct contacts for bank owned or estate properties that can become available to us. These homes need significant construction that would be completed by our US partner. Typical home would be in the $80-$150k range and need $20-$50k in work. The value after construction would net us a 20-25% return per home. We figure we can do about 4-6 homes per year.

Bank Owned Commercial: We manage through our US partner, several properties for finance companies who own them and are trying to sell them. This gives us an advantage to pick the right deal. For example, our US partner is managing a commercial 3 unit that is income producing to the tune of $4000 per month which has been verified because they collect it for the bank. This property is for sale for $210k and with a reasonable interest rate could be income producing.

All together, we would like to have a revolving line of about $500-$750k that we can use for both scenarios and pay back either all at once or long term. Long term pay back would be for scenario 2 where we would hold onto the property for 3-5 years.



  • Project Owner: Christophe Schwoertzig
  • Investment sought: TBD

VC-A Logo




Project Overview

VC-A offers business development consulting services. VC-A network, with a presence on four continents, has access to a continuous deal-flow. We add value through alliances deep analysis and robust processes. Our methodology is a combination of desk research, interviews and application of our internal know-how.

We are opening discussion to JV with potential financial/strategic partners to accelerate the monetisation of our network of +1000 members and +45.000 contacts.

Funds shall be used to:

  1. Setting up brick-and-mortar offices at some key locations where our deal flow if more important: Port Louis (Mauritius), Barcelona, London, Paris, Bucharest...
  2. Hiring full-time analysts to vet our deal flow
  3. Setting up investment funds: infrastructure management fund in the Mauritius, real estate fund in Spain...


For further information, please send your enquiries to



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